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Family Law

Do you know someone who came to Canada to marry their same-sex partner but now wants a divorce? Would existing laws take care of this? Read more for insights.

Family Law adoption 101

Great news: you and your spouse want to adopt a child. As you prepare for this life-changing event, make sure you are prepared for the adoption process. A lawyer who

Adoption A Woman's Legal Rights to Maternity Leave and Benefits

Between provincial legislation and federal benefits, new parents should be able take time off if required to give birth or care for a newborn or newly-adopted child without fear of

Wills & Estates Planning Wills & Estate Planning - Updating Your Will For Your Growing Family - RDM Lawyers

As your family grows or changes, it’s a good idea to make sure your will is updated to reflect those changes. For example, if you remarry and have children from

Family Law

The decision to adopt, and the more difficult decision to give a child up for adoption, are filled with a variety of emotions. In situations where one member of the family is adopting the child of another family member, this can be an even more stressful and emotional situation, because the parties all know each other and are very close to each other.