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RDM’s commercial lending lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of commercial lending law. We act for lenders in a wide variety of lending transactions, varying from traditional residential mortgages and construction finance to complex commercial and real estate development.

Our commercial lending lawyers have established relationships with and are trusted by a broad range of lenders, including chartered banks, credit unions, mortgage investment corporations, and private lenders due to our expertise on risk mitigation and an array of financial transactions. We regularly advise on appropriate security structures and prepare various types of security documentation, including consulting on and drafting loan agreements, real property mortgages, personal property security, guarantees, and all other related documentation. We understand both the technical requirements of lending transactions and the significance of solidifying and upholding the meaningful business relationships between lenders and borrowers.

Our commercial lending lawyers recognize the importance of providing prompt and seamless services to fully protect our clients’ legal interests. Our client service underscores responsiveness, reliability, and a practical, problem-solving approach to the issues faced by our lending clients in this deadline driven area of practice. We seek not just to identify problems and provide prudent risk management advice, but to propose and achieve creative, timely solutions to fulfill security needs and guide clients through the complexities of a lending transaction.


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Commercial Development

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Security Structures & Documentation

  • Loan Agreements
  • Security Structures & Documentation
  • Commitment Letters
  • Loan Agreements
  • Commercial and Residential Mortgages
  • Construction, Development and Agricultural Financing
  • Personal Property Security
  • Guarantees

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Business Law Robert Kuyek

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Business Law

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