Civil Litigation

When you need help with the lawsuit legal process

Lawsuits can be personal, complicated, emotionally charged and financially challenging. You need someone on your side who can help you navigate your way through the legal process. If you’re being sued or you’ve been the victim of a transaction that will have serious financial repercussions, RDM can help. Our legal advisors have extensive experience in civil litigation cases and are experts in civil litigation law in BC.

If you’re owed money or are being pursued by a creditor, our lawyers are experienced in debt collection, including:
Obtaining and dealing with judgments
Garnishing orders
Court ordered sale of property
Foreclosure lawsuits
Seizure of assets
Registration of judgments against property
Injunctions preventing sale or transfer of assets
Commercial Litigation

We also have significant experience with commercial litigation, including:
Real estate
Contract disputes
Debt collection
Construction disputes
Expropriation claims
General business law disputes

Estate Litigation
RDM’s years of experience and depth of knowledge in will and estate planning means our legal advisors can efficiently and effectively handle disputes that involve the division of family property or other related matters.

Defamation Law (Libel & Slander)
Should another person intentionally state or publish something about you that is either untrue and/or damages your credibility and reputation, our litigation team can advise and assist you should you decide to pursue compensation through a libel and slander lawsuit.

Recent News

Civil Litigation

The holiday season is upon us and that usually means people are taking part in an increased number of social events, either through work or with family and friends. During this busy and festive time of year, it’s important to be aware of a legal term called Duty of Care.

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