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From starting a family to buying a home to planning for the future and preparing for the unexpected, RDM Lawyers is here to help. For over 45 years, our full-service law firm has been providing legal advice, assistance and advocacy for thousands of families, homeowners, business owners and Fraser Valley residents. No matter where you are in life, RDM has a lawyer for that.


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As of February 1, 2017, British Columbia has instituted new franchise laws via the Franchises Act, bringing the province into alignment with five other provinces that already have similar acts

Family Law

What is a marriage agreement? Previously called a pre-nuptial agreement, a marriage agreement is a signed agreement between a couple that lays out their plans for the division of property,

Family Law

What are they? Child Support Guidelines are legal requirements that have been set through regulations to the Divorce Act, a federal law, and the Family Law Act, a BC provincial

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