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RDM Lawyers is committed to providing quality legal services to our community, guided by our core values of integrity, professionalism, and client service.

For more than 45 years, RDM lawyers has been helping families, homeowners, businesses and Fraser Valley residents with all their legal needs. Located in Abbotsford, we’re a full-service law firm providing legal advice, assistance and advocacy in virtually all areas of BC law including personal injury, family law, real estate law, business law, will and estate planning, mediation services, civil litigation and employment law. So whether you’re starting out, starting a family, planning for the future or preparing for the unexpected in life, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Beginning as a small firm of just three lawyers in 1971, RDM has grown to become a firm of 50 lawyers and staff today. Throughout it all, our philosophy hasn’t changed. We want to provide you with trusted, knowledgeable, experienced-based advice – no matter where you may be in life or in business. To achieve this, our experienced team of lawyers, legal advisors, paralegals and assistants operate with the utmost integrity, professionalism and reliability in all their internal and external activities. Our lawyers specialize in preferred areas of practice so that we can offer you the benefit of their expertise, knowledge and advice that’s unique to your individual circumstances.

We’re proud of where we live and work. We owe much of our success to the dedicated, hard-working, community-mind team of staff and lawyers who’ve helped us become trusted members of the Fraser Valley community. We return this pride and gratitude by giving back to the community through event sponsorships and other activities. A few of the community events that we support include Run For Water, Reach Gallery and the Crystal Gala.

Knowing that we have been there for our community for over 40 years by committing to providing quality legal advice and services makes me proud to be working at RDM Lawyers. It’s amazing to know that we have been there every step of the way.




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