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If you own your own company, you already know that business law can be complicated. If you’re thinking of starting your own company, there are a few things you need to know. We’ve got a lawyer for that.

RDM offers an extensive range of corporate and commercial business services. Let one of our business lawyers take care of your company’s legal requirements so you’re prepared for both the challenges and the opportunities that come your way.

Our corporate and commercial legal services include:

Business set-up
Incorporations, partnerships, joint ventures
Corporate reorganization
Buying or selling of a business (by share or asset purchase)
Corporate governance
Shareholder and partnership agreements
Banking, business financing and leasing
Reviewing contracts and resolving contract disputes
Commercial litigation
Employment issues
Insolvency, bankruptcy and foreclosures

RDM Lawyers also maintains corporate records for many companies as well as offering registered and records offices services. We provide a full range of services to commercial and private lenders related to the enforcement of mortgage security and foreclosure actions.

Commercial lending transactions

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Insolvency

Share purchase agreements
Asset purchase agreements
Employment agreements
Franchise agreements

Corporate & Commercial Transactions
Shareholders’ agreements
Section 85 Tax Rollovers
Amalgamations and mergers
Corporate reorganizations

Incorporation & Corporate Structuring
Simple incorporation
Professional incorporation
Corporate reorganization
Shareholders’ agreements
Partnership agreements
Employment contracts

Joint Ventures
Joint venture agreements

Full mediation services
Settlement negotiation


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Business Law

With the ongoing pandemic and physical distancing measures, many small businesses are struggling to pay rent. We have summarized potential remedies available to landlords and tenants during this unprecedented time. CECRA

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