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If you own your own company, you already know that business law can be complicated. If you’re thinking of starting your own company, looking at succession planning or entering into a purchase or sale agreement, there are a few things you need to know. We’ve got a lawyer for that.

RDM offers an extensive range of corporate and commercial business services from small start-ups to agriculture to multi-million dollar enterprises. Let one of our business lawyers take care of your company’s legal requirements so you’re prepared for both the challenges and the opportunities that come your way.

Our corporate and commercial legal services include:

Business set-up
Incorporations, partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships
Professional incorporations (e.g. medical, dental, etc.)
Corporate governance
Shareholder and partnership agreements
Employment and management contracts
Corporate record keeping, annual maintenance and registered and records offices services
Annual General Meetings

Commercial borrowing/lending transactions
Private financing/mortgages
Promissory Notes and Loan Agreements
General Security Agreements

Buying and selling
Business Acquisitions
Share deals
Asset deals
Succession planning
Employee share plans
Amalgamations and mergers
Corporate restructuring

Share purchase agreements
Asset purchase agreements
Employment agreements
Independent Contractor agreements
Franchise agreements


At RDM Lawyers LLP we aim to communicate the cost associated with legal services before and during the transaction. Most business services are billed on the hourly rate of our legal support staff ($140-$250 per hour) and the lawyers ($200-$600 per hour). Please feel free to call us to inquire about fees for legal services. Our competent staff will be able to give you a general range for legal services.

More information on legal fees can be found by clicking here.


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Business Law

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