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Recent Reviews

Highly recommend Kyle Nagy with RDM! Professional, informative, well priced. My family and I use Kyle for our personal real estate matters, and I being a licensed realtor also suggest Kyle to my Fraser Valley clients for the closing of their home.
Karm Sandhu
02:02 10 Nov 21
Doug Lester and his team have been outstanding for my (adult) son's serious injuries from a vehicle versus pedestrian case. While the situation with my son was complex, the care and compassion from Doug and his team was bar none. Above and beyond. I can't say enough. Thank you will have to do.
Shirley Paulsen
03:38 05 Nov 21
We worked with Jeevan Hundal of RDMfor our spousal sponsorship application and he was the most attentive, hard working (emails back and forth in the night to confirm information as our case was time sensitive and complicated), thorough lawyer. I felt confident that he cared and wanted to make sure everything was done right to ensure a successful outcome. I would like to Thank him for his support.
Hot koko
20:01 29 Oct 21
Had our wills done within 4 weeks. Were very professional and thorough with explaining everything. Showed lot of compassion when dealing with a tough family situation. Never felt rushed.
Malakoff Terry
02:52 23 Oct 21
Jeevan is a very thorough and serious lawyer. He was very knowledgeable, well organized and an excellent communicator. The level of professionalism while this firm counseled us made us feel that we had the right team supporting us. We highly recommend Jeevan S. Hundal.
Edson M
14:37 09 Sep 21
This is a very thorough and serious firm. They were knowledgeable, very well organized and excellent communicators. The level of professionalism while they counseled us made us feel that we had the right team supporting us. We highly recommend this firm.
Edson M
14:50 08 Sep 21
My experience with RDM Lawyers was completely positive. Jeevan was the attorney I had retained for my legal identity issue. He was 100% professional during the whole experience.My case was very rare and caused me great angst. Throughout the whole process he was compassionate and never caused me to feel judged. Jeevan was very supportive and quick to reply with any and all concerns. With his support and guidance we were able to resolve my legal dilemma and I now have a legal identity again.Thank you, Jeevan, and the staff of RDM Lawyers for everything!!
Shannon Coles
16:14 28 Aug 21
I can't say enough good things about the great level of service we received from RDM. We used them recently for a complicated real-estate transaction and a family matter and they delivered in spades. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Travis Lowe
04:17 19 Aug 21
I used the services of Joanne Martin from RDM Lawyers for my Family Law case. 5 stars does not do her justice. She was incredible from start to finish. Her attention to detail, level of professionalism and knowledge on the subject are second to none. She answered all of my questions quickly and in a way that I could understand through every step of the process. What sets Joanne apart is that I always felt that she had my best interests at heart; that she was in my corner. She is fair, honest, and a pleasure to deal with. I can not recommend her highly enough.
Dan Willing
17:05 11 Aug 21
I had a phone appointment with Ishpreet and I was very happy with the advice I was given. He explained everything using simple terms I could understand and provided me with possible options. I will definitely be using him for my legal needs in the future.
21:40 28 Jul 21
We had to get a lawyer immediately with my mother's health. Jeevan was the lawyer we were given & we are so grateful for his attention to detail, his professionalism, kindness & his sympathy to our situation.He was so patient with us & walked us thru every paper & every signature!I would highly recommend Jeevan as a lawyer & RDM as a firm.I will definitely be going back to get my husband's & I will & health representative done one with Jeevan.Thank you again Jeevan for all your help, assistance, & patience with us.
23:03 16 Jun 21
We recently had the pleasure of working with Jeevan Hundal on a business acquisition deal. He was extremely professional and patient through all aspects of the process, and was very thorough in his explanations so that we were fully informed. He made himself available to us when needed and was also considerate of our time & budget. We really appreciated everything Jeevan did to help us navigate the deal and would definitely go back to RDM for any further legal assistance.
Tanner Cervo
04:04 08 Jun 21
Stephanie Talbot had her hands full with my 2 family law cases. She was very informative, honest, and kept me at ease. She offered me practical and realistic advice. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone that needs representation in a family matter. I felt very supportive and legally protected through the process.
Justin Watterson
17:14 04 Jun 21
Wonderful legal service with RDM. Jessie Legaree provided me with exceptional support and advocacy in a time of need. She was comforting and brilliant! She greatly lightened my anxiety and emotional burdens during a stressful time. She kept me informed consistently, never delayed in reply, and allowed for me to have confidence in the whole process. Jessie was highly competent in her practice and showed me an undeniable authenticity behind her work, which made me enjoy our communications and trust that my experience would be as positive as it could be. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you!
Erin Lester
21:18 25 Apr 21
RDM Lawyers in general is my go to law firm for any issues I'm working through. Special shout out to Ishpreet Rai - a real estate lawyer who consistently provides detailed and timely advice for my real estate needs. Thanks Ishpreet and RDM for continuing to be in my corner
Mark Murphy
19:09 22 Apr 21
We recently had our wills done at RDM Lawyers in Abbotsford. We both agreed that it was a pleasure dealing with Jeevan Hundal, the lawyer we worked with. He took great pains to explain all the steps to us, answered all our questions and ensured that we understood every part of the document and exactly what we were signing. He also ensured that the wording of our bequests were as we wanted while still meeting the legal requirements. We were extremely satisfied with the service we received and will certainly be returning to this firm, and Jeevan, for any future legal needs.
Linda Harrison
05:32 17 Apr 21
My wife and I recently updated our wills, representation agreements and power of attorney documents. our lawyer Jeevan Hundal and his legal assistant were excellent, timely and accurate. We appreciated the extra precautions taken for Covid protection. RDM is a full service legal firm and can meet a wide variety of legal needs...we are grateful for the work done for us and would not hesitate using them in the future. Likewise, we would recommend Jeevan Hundal and the RDM firm for such assistance. They have a great eye for detail and took time to explain everything to us. Very professional.
Randie Scott
17:17 13 Apr 21
My husband and I recently contacted RDM to discuss and formalize documents with regards to our estate planning. We met with Jeevan and had a great experience. He provided excellent advice, explained complex issues is a way that was easy to understand and was very responsive to all our questions. I highly recommend RDM (and Jeevan in particular!). Thank you for providing a very positive experience.
18:10 18 Mar 21
Our lawyer was very informative, organized, professional and timely. We used their services to sell our home and the final bill was comparable to what our notary cost to purchase our home!! I would recommend them to anyone. 10 stars!
Elaine Murray
16:39 13 Mar 21
Jeevan is a lawyer who knows how to get things done!I was selling a property to someone who was very difficult to deal with, it was taking a very long time, many months had passed and nothing was getting done.I hired Jeevan and within 6 days the complicated situation turned into a finished sale. He’s easy going and down to earth. He knows to be aggressive when he needs to be and yet he’s friendly and easy to deal with. I will definitely hire him again and would highly recommend him.
22:13 12 Mar 21
Jeevan and his team at RDM lawyers were amazing with handling our new real estate purchase. He was very knowledgable and explained everything to us step by step which made a very stressful situation a lot easier to deal with. We were working with an extremely tight timeline, and he went above and beyond to make sure everything was done on time. We would definitely recommend RDM and Jeevan and will be contacting them for our future real estate needs.
Raj Sanghera
19:19 07 Mar 21
We recently reviewed our will with Javeen Hundal. He explained it thoroughly and in language we could understand. Would highly recommend him.
Clarence Tuin
19:15 01 Mar 21
I had the pleasure to work with Ishpreet Rai a young very capable lawyer. The main thing I look for in lawyer is someone I can trust and with his clam and attentive nature I felt more like I was speaking to a friend then a hired lawyer. I have nothing but great things to say about Ishpreet and I happily recommend him to anyone who’s looking for any legal services.
Jagjot Bhatti
06:49 18 Feb 21
DREAM TEAM indeed! I had the pleasure with working with Ravi, Kevin, Kiran and Gurleen from RDM lawyers....couldn’t be more pleased. If you’re looking for service in real estate law this is the place to go. Everyone was very professional, addressed all my concerns and basically did everything I requested in record time....thank you so much...I am very grateful.
16:35 08 Feb 21
My wife and I just redid our wills at RDM with lawyer Jeevan Hundai. We very much appreciated Jeevan's professional approach coupled with a calm and friendly demeanour. He did a thorough job of explaining the process and final product as well as effectively responding to questions or clarifications we had.
Bruce Ivany
20:01 28 Jan 21
Kyle Nagy was patient, informative, friendly, and detail-oriented. He was quick to respond to any and all questions, efficient with email communication, and let us set the pace with getting information his way to finalize our General Partnership Agreement. We knew from the beginning that we were in good hands, and the final product simply reinforced that belief. If you are looking for someone to put together a legal document or two (or more) for you, we would highly recommend hiring Kyle Nagy from RDM Lawyers.
Teolai Design
04:26 27 Jan 21
Jeevan was wonderful to work with. Throughout a fairly stressful time, he was patient, professional and personable. It was reassuring to have him walk me through the process and answer all of my questions. Highly recommended!
M Krug
05:04 12 Jan 21
We recently had the pleasure of working with Jeevan Hundal on a business acquisition deal. He was extremely professional and patient through all aspects of the process, and was very thorough in his explanations so that we were fully informed. He made himself available to us when needed and was also considerate of our time & budget. We really appreciated everything Jeevan did to help us navigate the deal and would definitely go back to RDM for any further legal assistance,
Tanner Cervo
18:50 24 Dec 20
Had our legal work for the purchase of our house done here. Would recommend.
Joseph Wing
07:31 23 Dec 20
I worked with Ishpreet and he was absolutely wonderful to deal with. Very professional and helpful.
21:05 15 Dec 20
I worked with Jeevan Hundal recently on a real estate transaction and was not disappointed. He is extremely professional and responsive and was able to make our tight deadlines without missing a beat. He was organized and thorough and I would definitely recommend working with him.
Mandeep Randhawa
06:50 11 Dec 20
I was desperate to find a good lawyer that handled family matters and found RDM Lawyers on google. I spoke with a Lawyer and told them exactly what I wanted and explained my situation (my situation was complicated) I was then referred to Tannis Baradziej and told she could help me with my matter. I was skeptical at first as I wanted to make sure I hired the best lawyer and I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed. Tannis was professional, she provided me with great advice and helped me achieve exactly what I wanted. She never left me guessing on anything and always kept me informed on what was going on with my court matter. Tannis went above and beyound for me even reaching out to me on a sunday to make sure I was feeling ok with everything that was going on. When all was said and done Tannis helped me get exactly what we wanted and my court matter was wrapped up in a timely manner. I highly recommend Tannis Baradziej. Despite my situation being very stressful I felt that Tannis was there for me every step of the way.
Danielle Toplass
22:00 28 Nov 20
On behalf of Dr.V Raj Dental Corp (Vikas Raj), Columbia Dental, Kamloops, I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Duhra and his team, that Sarah and Jeevan Hundal, for assisting us with legal consultation for one of our new projects. I appreciate their efforts to explain us each and ever thing in detail and clearing all our doubts in a polite manner. Additionally, the RDM team was highly responsive and professional in their communication. A major shoutout to Jeevan Hundal for understanding the short timeline in front of us and making himself accessible at all times in order to close the required documents timely and solve the issues that may delay the process. Would love to work again with team RDM.
Shubham Arora
05:33 19 Nov 20
On the behalf of Dr.V Raj Dental Corp (Vikas Raj) Columbia Dental, Kamloops.We would like to thank Jeevan Hundal and his team Sarah and other colleagues, Experience with his law firm (RDM Lawyers) his staff were very polite and very professional. He even took the time to explain to us page by page about some documents We received from the seller, which by the way it was on his spare time to answer all of our concerns about those documents. He responded on every email and text that We had questions and concerns and We got answers. The closing went smoothly and on point with all of the documents that had to be signed. Jeevan made himself accessible and told us if We have any other closing related issues pertaining any documents to give him a call. Thank you once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Jeevan Hundal and RDM lawyers.
Shubham Arora
04:43 19 Nov 20
I highly recommend Ishpreet to all my clients, family and friends. He provides a high level of professionalism, excellent communication and sound advise in a timely manner. He is a pleasure to work with.
Linda Meadley
21:46 03 Nov 20
I have recently dealt with Jeevan Hundal to incorporate a company. I would recommend Jeevan and RDM to my family and friends. Jeevan was quick and responsive and went out of his way to accommodate during these difficult Covid times. I appreciate all he did for me. Thank you Jeevan
Sukhbir kang
20:19 31 Oct 20
UNreal response time with Ishpreet Rai with RDM lawyers helping me with not only my notary work but also my transition out of my previous strata. Thank you for being a friend in business!
Brandon Kirk
15:07 30 Sep 20
Karen McNeilly is an Amazing lady with great experience in family cases.
harinder singh
02:43 26 Sep 20
Ishpreet provided sound advise in preparing a lease agreement. I would recommend Ishpreet and RDM to my family and friends. Lastly, he took the time to understand the clients needs!
Inder Dhillon
03:36 29 Aug 20
Ishpreet and RDM law provided us with legal council that was both prompt and sound. I am thoroughly impressed with the service they provide.
Seth Stenner
22:41 18 Aug 20
I would like to recommend Tannis Baradziej as a lawyer with RDM Lawyers. Tannis is very efficient, accurate, pleasant and caring to deal with. I needed some information, and understanding in some legal documents . Tannis was very patient and helpful in helping me figure things out . I really appreciate all she helped me with and how quickly she got things accomplished . I would definitely go back to her for any legal advice.
Sylvia Kowalenko
23:26 21 Jul 20
I had the pleasure of working with Joanne Martin on a family matter. Joanne was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She was kind and very helpful throughout the process. Joanne took the time to explain every detail.I am incredibly appreciative to you, Joanne. You made an incredible difference for me during what was not an easy time. Thank you again!!
Renae Hansen
23:08 11 Jun 20
Karen McNeilly was very knowledgeable and responsive. Excellent communication.
Terry Ostash
19:34 05 Jun 20
I highly recommend Joanne Martin to anyone needing a lawyer. She listened and gave us realistic advice on the options we could take to manage things moving forward. Joanne enabled us to view the situation from the legal perspective with explanations given in plain English. We will certainly contact Joanne again if we need a lawyer as she is someone we can trust.
Maree Kingsbeer
03:44 05 May 20
Outstanding services: Kyle Nagy is helping me for the last 3 years for all my real estate transactions, and I always find him very friendly, very helpful, and very professional. He has wonderful people in his network and that proved very helpful. I strongly recommend Kyle for the real estate law services.
Sarwan Singh Randhawa
05:36 28 Mar 20
Talked to Kristin regarding a question I had about business and she answered and explain within 5 minutes. Thank you so much for helping me out!Other firms were charging $250/hr for a very simple question and answer. Someone that knows about business can answer within a few of minutes . It was just one question with a yes or no answer. Thank you. Again! If I ever need a lawyer ( knock on wood!, i don't ) I will be coming to them :) I will not hesitate.
n c
21:40 06 Feb 20
A great result from unfortunate circumstances. Joanne Martin was a pleasure to work with. Joanne was very thorough and always available for us when needed. She helped us achieve an outcome that was not only a win on that day, but a result that will impact all parties involved in a positive manner for many years to come. We can’t thank her enough, and would highly recommend Joanne for your legal needs.
Rob Getz
02:48 26 Jan 20
We'd like to Thank everyone at RDM, especially Julie. That lady helped us mentally over our 4 1/2 year battle with ICBC. Through this process Julie has become not just a friend, but part of our family. Our process was completed on November 13, 2019 and this is the first change we've had to write a review. We highly recommend RDM for any of your legal needs they are fantastic. Thank you all once again. The Stones.
stacy stone
20:44 17 Jan 20
Excellent services provided by Breanna, Ishpreet and Sheri. They are prompt, professional and reliable.Season's greetings to all!
amit sudhakar
18:28 31 Dec 19
The RDM team really lives up to their 5 star rating! I work as a Mortgage Specialist here in Abbotsford. I can genuinely say that every client that I have reffered to their amazing real estate team, have been more than satisfied with the service they were provided. Ishpreet Rai has been someone I work very closely with, I can rest assured knowing that he will always go above and beyond for my clients!
pavi dhaliwal
02:46 10 Dec 19
Fantastic law firm to deal with for Real Estate. I work with them as a mortgage broker, and the excellent communication, knowledge, and skills give my clients great results. I feel confident referring my clients to them, and enjoy working with them.
Jessica Matthies
22:09 01 Nov 19
Hannah was an absolute dream to work with while purchasing my first home and creating a will. She is knowledgeable and made a fairly stressful time extremely easy for me. Thanks so much Hannah! :)
Brooklyn Paterson
06:26 13 Oct 19
I retained Joanne Martin for my delicate and difficult family law trial. She was incredible. She was compassionate toward my situation, always working with me in every way I needed. She was so detailed and thorough with everything. She was also really good at explaining things and helping me choose which path to take, and which path she believed was best for me. She is a shark and will give it her all to get you what you want. 10/10 recommend.
Tia Pinder
15:40 27 Sep 19
Had an amazing experience with Jessie Legaree handling all documents and communications related to my matter. Always kind, heartfelt and persistent to ensuring you are taken care of through the whole process. Highly, highly recommended
Michelle Krotky
18:27 08 Aug 19
I had visited with two other lawyers before choosing Joanne Martin to be my lawyer. This was my first experience needing a lawyer and wow am I happy that Joanne took care of my case. Choosing the right lawyer isn't easy and from my initial meeting I could tell she didn't just care about my case she cared about me. She listening to every detail closely and asked lots of questions to have as much clarity as possible. I was concerned about how much this process was going to cost me since I had no idea how to gauge how I was spending my money but she made it very clear and simple for me to understand right from the beginning, was more than fair and understanding to circumstances. I highly recommend her to be your lawyer you won't be disappointed.
Andres Leguizamon
17:03 23 Jul 19
I am so incredibly thankful for the tremendous service I received from Jessie Legaree. She helped me navigate a very difficult time with honest care and support. I wholeheartedly recommend her!!
Brady Schlecker
21:53 22 Jul 19
Our experience with Joanne was fantastic. She went above and beyond to help us with our family related issue. Having her with us in court gave us such a great sense of relief. I also don’t think we would have won if we hadn’t hired her.
Star Bandit
23:56 12 Jul 19
Marta Dean represented us with our real estate deal. She was professional, efficient, and added value to our purchase. If you have any need for an excellent, cost-effective lawyer, I suggest you talk to Marta!
C Burgess
17:22 14 Jun 19
I cannot say enough great things about RDM lawyers! Julie and Doug were so amazing!They worked so hard for me and never made me feel like “just another client”. I always felt (and still do) like the genuinely cared about my feelings and my situation. I am forever grateful for Julies patience and her ability to sympathize with some of the hardest days of my life. Because of Doug, Julie and their team I was very successful in my lawsuit and I have them to thank for their hard work and support every step of the way.I recommend them 1000% and wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner.
Chey Gabbert
16:35 07 Jun 19
I would like to recommend highly the lawyers and staff of RDM Law. My wife and I have dealt with Brian and Ravi for matters related to wills and estates and real estate - they and their staff have provided us with excellent advice and service in a timely manner. They take the time to answer all our questions and we always leave the office confident in the decisions they have helped us make.
Lewis Bartlett
15:14 05 Jun 19
Ravi and Kiran were wonderful to deal with,  they are both very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We used their office to complete the  purchase of our home. They made us feel at ease throughout the whole process and kept us updated. I would highly recommend them.
Raj Cheema
23:31 29 May 19
I was very pleased with Amelia who took my case and represented me in my personal injury case. Always very pleasant and professional. She went above and beyond to make sure that I received all the treatment I needed to deal with my ongoing pain. She got a better settlement than I was expecting. She worked very hard for me. I really appreciate all she did for me. I would certainly recommend her if you need a lawyer. Thanks Amelia Doris
Doris Huizing
01:14 17 May 19
Extremely professional and helpful. Hannah and Carol handled my father's estate; they gave me unmeasured support and kept me up to date on everything as it happened. They answered all my questions and gave me insight to a lot of information I was not aware of. I'd highly recommend meeting with one of their estate lawyers to get advice and support.
Pamela Buchanan
16:50 15 May 19
Extremely professional and helpful. Hannah and Carol handled my father's estate; they gave me unmeasured support and kept me up to date on everything as it happened. They answered all my questions and gave me insight to a lot of information I was not aware of. I'd highly recommend meeting with one of their estate lawyers to get advice and support.
Pamela Buchanan
16:50 15 May 19
RDM Lawyers helped us with the purchase of our first home and Sheri was amazing when it came time to prepare our wills. We look forward to RDM helping us along the way with all of our legal needs.
Caroline Fadden
14:16 15 May 19
Trustworthy and straight forward. Dealt with a number of legal issues for me very professionally and in a timely manner. The staff and lawyers communicated regularly and made it easy to understand what was happening.
02:45 15 May 19
I 100% recommend Joanne Martin at RDM Lawyers. She helped me and is still currently helping with my divorce proceedings. She someone who is very devoted, personable, and passionate. I don't think I would be in the positive position I am now in, if it was not for her and her teams exceptional expertise. She definitely gives it a 150% and she went above and beyond to get me the best outcome I could have ever asked for.
daniel leigh
19:26 16 Apr 19
Joanne Martin was my lawyer from RDM, she went above and beyond with my case. The outcome was successful, her assistants were excellent as well. Joanne was committed, honest, punctual, and truly showed respect in all aspects of our interactions. At points when things were high stress for me, and it felt over whelming, Joanne had patience in effectively communicating the matters at hand with me. I truly recommend Joanne Martin in any matter her office pertains to.
Alana Laybourn
20:52 10 Apr 19
Would like to express appreciation for the diligent, thorough and professional work we received from Joanne Martin regarding a family matter. Joanne carefully and patiently walked us through the legal process. She gave us thoughtful and sound advice and we are quite content with the result .
John Clunies-Ross
03:09 09 Apr 19
The entire team at RDM lawyers is very professional and has given me an excellent customer service. The completion of my home was done by Ravi and his team always provided me instants updates . on the process. Highly recommended.
arjun kapoor
06:14 02 Apr 19
Rebecca gill is the best lawyer I have ever needed. She looked threw every detail she could to help me win my battle... Thank you so much Rebecca you really helped me change my life around.
Monique Wilgan
00:52 22 Mar 19
I highly recommend Sheri Yakashiro with RDM Lawyers. Sheri has always gone above and beyond for my clients and any time I refer clients her way I know they will be well taken care of.
Dean Fuller
20:52 08 Mar 19
An outstanding legal firm with knowledgeable and friendly staff. This has been my experience for the past 25 years, which is why I have transacted business with them and on behalf of clients for those 25 years. A pleasure to deal with and I cannot think of anytime I encountered a problem that they were not able to address properly.
Mike Nice
20:32 08 Mar 19
Spencer Thomson, at the firm of RDM Lawyers in Abbotsford, professionally handled my Residential Tenancy Dispute. He is very articulate and was well prepared for the Arbitration. He was recommended to me by a reputable lawyer to handle my Residential Tenancy Dispute, and I would highly recommend his services to others.
Ms. J B.
20:28 01 Mar 19
Would recommend RDM to anyone! Ravi Duhra has always handled our real estate matters with a perfect balance of professionalism and and kindness.
Ashley Cole
00:02 01 Feb 19
I have used RDM for 5 real estate transactions, of which 4 are multi-families. They have always provided SUPERB service. - Efficient & highly knowledgeable,- Prompt & exceptionally reasonably priced- Extremely helpful & user-friendly, explaining the transaction in detail.They have gone out of their way to help me, & exceeded my expectations.I heartily recommend them with eyes closed, and add a word of special thanks to RAVI DUHRA, the lawyer who helped me in the purchases.
Avina Holdings
08:01 31 Jan 19
I truly appreciate the help received from RDM lawyers. I am very comfortable dealing with Ravi because he is sincere, professional and a top notch lawyer. I was never rushed or pressured but rather fully understood. He took the time to fully explain every document that I signed. I left the office knowing that my individual requirements were fully exceeded and I was in great hands.
Hardeep Sekhon
18:13 13 Dec 18
I used RDM for 2 real estate transactions this year. I was totally happy with them both. Ravi had suggestions that saved me legal fees on the second transaction. I found RDM to be efficient and accommodating. I will 100% repeat business with them.
matt stadnyk
02:23 04 Dec 18
A law office I actually enjoy going into ! Ravi Duhra has handled multiple real estate deals for me now, and it’s always a pleasure. They make everything super simple and straight forward. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Matthew Sutton-Atkins
02:16 01 Dec 18
Ravi Duhra and his whole team are very effective and outstanding to work with. We would highly recommend the services of RDM.
Woodlock Developments
17:15 23 Nov 18
RDM lawyers helped me set up my company with the upmost service. I was very worried about a certain possible risk exposure in my new business. Ravi was excellent at taking the time to fully understand my particular business before providing legal advice. I came in for one risk exposure but he was able to handle several other risks at the same time very efficiently. It was well worth the time and I can now run my business with greater peace of mind. Thanks so much RDM.
R Johal
15:33 21 Nov 18
I have nothing but positive things to say about RDM Lawyers and my attorney Joanne Martin. The communications from the firm and my attorney in particular, are efficient and get to the issue(s) at hand quickly. I've experienced professional and effective representation in court by my attorney with great results Joanne and other support staff are always well prepared & maintain an extremely reasonable level of billable time for services. A small thing to some, but maybe not - the reception staff are always very friendly, professional, and helpful. It's a very nice law firm to deal with.
Pat M
00:06 20 Sep 18
Very happy with my experience at RDM lawyers and would go back again if needs be. I would highly recommend Joanne Martin as a lawyer and the staff are very friendly. I rate RDM 5 stars
Jena Knodel
22:06 13 Sep 18
I have dealt with RDM Lawyers since 2012. We have done over 4 deals over this time and we have always been pleased with dealing with this company and Ravi Duhra. Ravi has been professional and sincere in every interaction we have been involved in. He’s knowledgeable and efficient in his work. Thank you RDM layers!
Sonny Gill
04:26 01 Sep 18
Just completed a sale with this amazing team. I could not have been happier with the service from Ms Edwards and Ms Kuyek. Without them this sale would not have been completed. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for similar services.
Cassandra Farough
22:44 29 Aug 18
This is the 3rd time we have used RDM Lawyers for the sales and purchases of homes. Specifically, Ravi and his staff are fantastic - each member is personable, friendly and knowledgeable and are willing to answer questions ahead of time if needed. Each time everything went very smoothly. Paperwork was all in order and he went through each document we were signing. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend Ravi.
w ham
16:57 01 Aug 18

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