Will & Estate Planning

Be prepared for some of life’s biggest changes

No matter what stage you may be at in life, make sure you’ve planned for the unexpected by keeping your will and estate documents up-to-date. If you’ve recently married, had a child, or are preparing to retire, each of these represents a major change in your life that also requires corresponding changes to your will and estate plans. RDM has a lawyer for that.

With our knowledge and experience, our will and estate lawyers will guide you through the planning process so you’re prepared for the future and can be assured that your loved ones are taken of. They’ll answer your questions, explain your responsibilities, review your existing documents and advise you on the best plans. And since events can happen suddenly in life, our legal advisors will also schedule regular reviews of your will and estate documents to make sure critical issues such as illness, unexpected death or changes to family situations are addressed.

RDM lawyers can help you with:
Estate planning
Disputes and estate litigation
BC probate and administration
Wills Variation Act 


Before consulting with one of our legal advisors, we recommend that you document as much information as you can. To help you assemble this information, you’ll find a number of checklists and guides below that will help you prepare for your meeting with our team.

Will & Estate Planning
Estate Planning | Download
Trusts | Download
Wills & Estates Glossary | Download
Will Variation Act | Download
Financial Net Worth | Download

Probate & Estate Administration
Probate and Administration | Download
Executor Responsibilities Checklist | Download

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Wills & Estates Planning

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