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Personal Injury car accident coverage

Every vehicle driven in BC requires auto insurance. Choosing the wrong auto insurance class or options can cost you your assets. Keep the following in mind when choosing. Read more

Employment Law

A recent decision from Alberta highlights the duty of employers to act in good faith. As discovered by Nexen, an international oil and gas company, the consequences for a failure to do so can be costly. Read more »

Employment Law

Two of the most common questions we get asked is what is “wrongful dismissal” and what constitutes “reasonable notice”? Find the answers here >>

Personal Injury

Earlier this year, ICBC introduced legislation that will cap personal injury payouts for those involved in motor vehicle accidents. We discuss the ramifications that you might experience. Read more »

Employment Law

Whether your party is a formal workplace gathering or just a party with your friends and family, you should be aware of host liability. Read more »