Legal Insights

Personal Injury

On April 1st of this year, legislative changes introduced by the NDP government came into effect, ushering in a new regime of motor vehicle injury compensation. David Eby, the minister

Business Law

Before you start a business in BC, be sure you know that having a business is right for you. Not only will it require more of your time than if you were working for another company, but you will also need to allow for expenses such as registration, incorporation, start-up fees, supply and equipment purchases and marketing. Creating a plan helps outline your goals. Read more.

Family Law

Do you know someone who came to Canada to marry their same-sex partner but now wants a divorce? Would existing laws take care of this? Read more for insights.

Employment Law

If you feel you have been bullied or harassed at work, you should report it to a supervisor or other designated official. Should this person ignore the issue, you may want to contact an employment lawyer, especially if the bullying is affecting your ability to do your job or if you notice others’ ability to work is affected. Read More.

Personal Injury

Most people are not aware that under provincial coverage of automobile insurance, injured motorists are entitled to “no-fault benefits” which are commonly referred to as Part 7 benefits. Read More