Legal Insights

Civil Litigation

As a social or commercial host, if you’re providing alcohol at your event, you should know that you can be found liable if intoxicated employees or party guests are injured or cause injury to others. Understand your liabilities before you organize a party.‎Read More

Employment & Human Rights

In the modern workplace, issues of trust, transparency, and accountability are paramount. As a result, employees may be tempted to record conversations with colleagues or superiors to document important discussions

Family Law

Adoption is a significant legal process, most commonly associated with children finding their forever homes or recognizing the important role a step-parent is performing in their lives. However, there is


Hiring a lawyer is often necessary when you find yourself in a legal dispute or complex transaction, but it can be costly. Lawyers in BC charge fees for their services,

Business Law

On May 11, 2023, the government of British Columbia passed the Pay Transparency Act (the “Act”). The Act’s purpose is to promote wage equity, address gender-based pay disparities, and create

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