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All Corporations who own a legal or beneficial interest in land in British Columbia before November 30, 2020 must file a Transparency Report under the Land Owner Transparency Act by

Estate Litigation

Qualification as a “spouse” can result in significant legal rights and obligations. This is particularly important if a relationship has ended either by choice (separation) or by circumstance (death). This

Employment Law

As the third wave of the pandemic continues and we race to vaccinate, the BC government has made several announcements impacting time off for workers for both sickness and vaccination.

Civil Litigation Civil Litigation - Venting frustrations online

From vacations to events – even in our daily lives – not a whole lot has gone as planned over the past 12+ months. With plans continuing to go awry,

Real Estate

1. Rushing your offer in a hot market The Abbotsford housing market is hot, which can put buyers in a panic. Prices are rising so fast many buyers worry home-ownership