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Civil Litigation

In a recent BC court decision, it was recognized that the internet is a dangerous tool that can be used to harm reputations when a woman was ordered to pay

Civil Litigation

The holiday season is upon us and that usually means people are taking part in an increased number of social events, either through work or with family and friends. During this busy and festive time of year, it’s important to be aware of a legal term called Duty of Care.

Personal Injury

As a social or commercial host, if you’re providing alcohol at your event, you should know that you can be found liable if intoxicated employees or party guests are injured or cause injury to others. Understand your liabilities before you organize a party.‎Read More

Employment Law

Can an employer legally require employees to take off more time than the statutory holidays of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day? Shutting the lights off over the holidays must be done with thought, care, and planning. Rather than asking employees to take vacation time off over the holidays, it may help long-term business goals to give extra paid time off as a bonus.‎Read More

Civil Litigation

What happens if you lend assistance to someone in need and that person ends up in worse condition than if you had not tried to help them? Can the injured person turn around and sue you? In BC, the Good Samaritan Act lays down a foundational groundwork to prevent that from happening.‎Read More