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1. Rushing your offer in a hot market The Abbotsford housing market is hot, which can put buyers in a panic. Prices are rising so fast many buyers worry home-ownership

Real Estate Changes to LOTR

The Land Owner Transparency Act (“LOTA”) will come into effect on November 30, 2020 creating the Land Owner Transparency Registry (“LOTR”). The LOTR is a first of its kind registry

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many individuals without an income and struggling to make ends meet. In an effort to help tenants remain in their residences for the duration of

Real Estate

With the widespread disruption arising from COVID-19, many clients have expressed concerns regarding the completion of their real estate deals over the coming weeks and months. Please find below a

Real Estate New laws affecting BC realtors coming June 15th

New provincial laws in the real estate industry will be implemented on June 15th of this year. These laws will tighten up regulations for Realtors® while improving consumer protection. Originally