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This month the Bank of Canada increased the interest rate to 4.75% and signaled more increases are likely to come. With mortgage rates generally moving in tandem with the Bank

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For many businesses and homeowners, having a tenant can be financially rewarding and may even be necessary. A long-term tenant can provide a reliable source of income in both commercial

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With the shift in the housing market, we’ve received many calls by buyers wanting to get out of deals or sellers after the buyer failed to complete the sale. This

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The British Columbia Government recently made important changes to strata bylaws in the province. As of November 24, 2022, the Government removed the ability of stratas to restrict rentals and

Fraser Valley New laws affecting BC realtors coming June 15th

Owing a home is a dream for many British Columbians, but the housing crisis in our province has made the reality of home ownership a challenge. Although average home prices

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