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Real Estate New laws affecting BC realtors coming June 15th

New provincial laws in the real estate industry will be implemented on June 15th of this year. These laws will tighten up regulations for Realtors® while improving consumer protection. Originally

Real Estate Legal Guide To Buying Your Home In Abbotsford

When buying your home in Abbotsford, you will sign several contracts including a contract of purchase and sale, mortgage documents and potentially several other documents, depending on the transaction. While

Real Estate The Most Common Reasons To Need A Real Estate Lawyer - Insights Blog - RDM Lawyers

For most people, purchasing a home is often one of the largest single transactions they will make in their lives. If you are contemplating home ownership, you should consider obtaining

Real Estate Ravi Duhra

Ask Ravi what he truly enjoys the most about his profession and he’s quick to answer: helping people solve problems. Resolving numerous issues at one time comes naturally to Ravi, who is always searching for the best possible solution for his clients.

Real Estate

In today’s red hot real estate market, some interesting scenarios are playing out between buyers and sellers. Sellers are backing out of their agreements in order to gain more money from the sale of their homes. Not only does this leave buyers in a bind but, more importantly, there are significant legal ramifications.