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The holiday season is upon us and that usually means people are taking part in an increased number of social events, either through work or with family and friends. During this busy and festive time of year, it’s important to be aware of a legal term called Duty of Care.

Civil Litigation

What happens if you lend assistance to someone in need and that person ends up in worse condition than if you had not tried to help them? Can the injured person turn around and sue you? In BC, the Good Samaritan Act lays down a foundational groundwork to prevent that from happening.‎Read More

Civil Litigation Civil Litigation - Venting frustrations online

In a recent BC Supreme Court ruling, a BC wedding photographer was awarded $115,000 after enduring months of “vindictive” online reviews by an upset client. Background An engaged couple hired

Civil Litigation

At RDM Lawyers, we value our employees. After all, their dedication and talent are the foundation of our success. Watch here to find out more about life as an employee at RDM Lawyers.

Civil Litigation Karen Mcneilly

Karen McNeilly joined RDM Lawyers LLP in 2009 and is a partner in the firm, focusing specifically on family law. She had wanted to be a lawyer since childhood and fulfilled her dream after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the Western University in Bellingham and then graduating from University of British Columbia Law School in 1994.