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The issue of the cost of legal services is a bit of a mystery to most consumers and, more importantly, often consumers cannot afford the price of a lawyer if

Civil Litigation

If a tree falls and there’s nobody around, it may not make a sound but it sure can do damage. What caused that tree to fall could be the result

Civil Litigation

Who let the dogs out?* If you are a member of any neighbourhood community group on social media, you know missing pet posts -and the location of all emergency response

Personal Injury Injure person looks over legal documents

Most, if not all, of us will be subject to the discretion and care of healthcare practitioners. Physicians perform countless surgeries, operations and procedures that require a high level of

Civil Litigation dash cam in car

Tempted to text and drive? What about program your GPS or put on make-up? Distracted driving is dangerous. It makes it 5 times more likely that you will get into

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