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Personal Injury car accident coverage

Every vehicle driven in BC requires auto insurance. Choosing the wrong auto insurance class or options can cost you your assets. Keep the following in mind when choosing. Read more

Personal Injury

Earlier this year, ICBC introduced legislation that will cap personal injury payouts for those involved in motor vehicle accidents. We discuss the ramifications that you might experience. Read more »

Personal Injury My Son Just Got His License: How Can I Help Keep Him Safe? - Personal Injry - RDM Lawyers Blog

Increased premiums and denial of insurance: what young BC drivers (and their parents) should know about the importance of staying safe on the road. Read this blog post »

Personal Injury What ICBC’s Dial A Claim Won’t Do For You

If you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact RDM Lawyers to help you file a claim through ICBC. Learn more!

Personal Injury “I was injured in a hit and run accident”: what are my options?

Ordinarily, when you are in a car accident, you stop and exchange information with the other driver including getting their name, driver’s license number and insurance details. Then, you report