Class Actions

At its root, a class action lawsuit is a type of civil lawsuit filed against a defendant, usually a corporation, government or organization, on behalf of a group of people who have experienced similar or identical harm or damages. The three goals established by the Supreme Court of Canada for class actions are judicial economy, access to justice and behaviour modification. Class actions can level the playing field against large corporations for individuals who may not have the resources to pursue legal action on their own.

Some common types of class actions are:

  • Defective products
  • Price fixing
  • Social justice actions
  • Employment law violations like unpaid overtime and tip pooling
  • Environmental disasters such as chemical spills or water contamination
  • Data or privacy violations
  • False or misleading advertising

Our firm hands the entire legal process, from identifying potential class members to filing the lawsuit and representing the plaintiffs throughout the legal process, including negotiations, discovery, pre-trial motions and trial. The first step is to reach out for one of our experienced lawyers to review your matter to determine whether it may be in your interests to pursue your claim through a class action.



At RDM we strive to be transparent in our billing. Class action matters are typically billed on contingency, meaning that the firm receives a percentage of the settlement or damages as payment for services rather than collecting fees from individual plaintiffs throughout the course of the litigation.

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