Employment Law

When workplace issues escalate and need resolution

Labour, human rights and employment laws are constantly changing. These changes can affect not just how we work but the social fabric of where we work as well. Challenges in employment relationships can be complicated to navigate and difficult to resolve. We’ve got a lawyer for that.

With our extensive expertise and wide range of services in BC employment law, our legal advisors will help you understand the issues and deal with situations involving wrongful dismissal, human rights complaints, labour arbitrations and collective bargaining.

RDM’s labour and employment lawyers have more than 40 years of collective experience handling:
Wrongful dismissal
Human rights complaints
Labour arbitrations
Collective bargaining
Employment contracts
Harassment policies
General employment and privacy policies

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Employment Law

It helps if you have a basic understanding of what a wrongful dismissal is and how it’s viewed by the courts. Don’t confuse wrongful dismissal with just cause, which the law recognizes as an employer having sufficient grounds for termination (i.e. misconduct, theft, incompetence).

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