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Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned. When there are changes to the family structure, it’s important to make sure all members are protected and taken care of. When you need legal advice and assistance with family law, RDM has a lawyer for that.

If a divorce or separation is pending, we understand that you’re worried about the outcome and how it will affect your family. At RDM, we’ll listen carefully, advise you of your options and help you come to terms with the situation so that you’re able to make the best possible decision for your family.

Our team of legal professionals are skilled family law lawyers, with experience in all kinds of family law situations, and in all levels of courts in British Columbia. RDM’s legal experts will help you find practical solutions to issues that include:

Parenting Arrangements
Child Support
Spousal Support
Division of Property
Separation Agreements
Marriage Agreements


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