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Estate Litigation

This issue usually arises where a loved one has passed away and the executor presents a Will for probate. Sometimes, family members are surprised that a new Will was drafted


If a loved one has lost mental capacity, that person is no longer able to appoint a Power of Attorney to act on their behalf. It may become necessary for

Estate Litigation Lotto Max tickets

An elderly mother of four adult children struck big in June 2021 winning $3,000,000 from the Lotto 6/49 draw. Six months later she passed away and now the kids are


“Retainer” Explained The term “retainer” can have several meanings: money, a relationship or an agreement. Here we are focusing on a money retainer paid into a law firm’s trust account


The issue of the cost of legal services is a bit of a mystery to most consumers and, more importantly, often consumers cannot afford the price of a lawyer if