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Personal Injury

Earlier this year, ICBC introduced legislation that will cap personal injury payouts for those involved in motor vehicle accidents. We discuss the ramifications that you might experience. Read more »

Employment & Human Rights

Whether your party is a formal workplace gathering or just a party with your friends and family, you should be aware of host liability. Read more »

Employment & Human Rights BC Supreme Court Ruling: Short-term Employees Receive Larger Notice Period - RDM Lawyers Blog

If an employee is terminated after three years of work or less, a BC court has found they could be entitled to more pay in lieu of notice. Read more »

Personal Injury My Son Just Got His License: How Can I Help Keep Him Safe? - Personal Injry - RDM Lawyers Blog

Increased premiums and denial of insurance: what young BC drivers (and their parents) should know about the importance of staying safe on the road. Read this blog post »

Employment & Human Rights Marijuana and Safety-Sensitive Positions At Work - RDM Lawyers - Insights Blog

If you use marijuana for medical conditions and work in a safety-sensitive job, you may not be exempted from the work requirements surrounding impairment. Read more!