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Employment Law

A recent decision from Alberta highlights the duty of employers to act in good faith. As discovered by Nexen, an international oil and gas company, the consequences for a failure to do so can be costly. Read more »

Employment Law

Two of the most common questions we get asked is what is “wrongful dismissal” and what constitutes “reasonable notice”? Find the answers here >>

Employment Law

Whether your party is a formal workplace gathering or just a party with your friends and family, you should be aware of host liability. Read more »

Employment Law BC Supreme Court Ruling: Short-term Employees Receive Larger Notice Period - RDM Lawyers Blog

If an employee is terminated after three years of work or less, a BC court has found they could be entitled to more pay in lieu of notice. Read more »

Employment Law Marijuana and Safety-Sensitive Positions At Work - RDM Lawyers - Insights Blog

If you use marijuana for medical conditions and work in a safety-sensitive job, you may not be exempted from the work requirements surrounding impairment. Read more!